Ways To Manage Anxiety


Let’s talk about Anxiety.

This is something that affects 18% of the population of America. It is real, and it is a hard thing to overcome. People will say to take deep breaths and get over it, but it’s not that easy. Here are a few tips to help with calming yourself down from one of our own here at Skoller -

Don’t Drink too much Caffeine!

I know, Caffeine is NEEDED in college, but try to limit how much you drink a day. One cup of coffee is plenty to jump start your day and give you that jolt of energy you need without going overboard. I also love to add supplements to my coffee in the morning. ( I promise this is not an ad) The Brain Octane Oil from Bulletproof is literally everything… I used to drink several cups of coffee a day but adding it to my cup of coffee has helped me cut back to one and still stay awake all day. The same goes for energy drinks and soda. If you have anxiety, they are hurting you, not helping.

Essential Oils are your Best Friend

Lavender and Frankincense are the two that I turn to when I am feeling extra anxious. You can put them in a diffuser next to your bed when your sleep at night, add a drop to your face moisturizer in the am or pm, put it directly on your temples and inside of your wrist, or take a huff of the bottle. I know it seems weird that a smell can calm you down, but it really works.

Camomile tea

Drinking Camomile tea at night right before you go to bed is super helpful. Not only does it aid sleep and digestion, it reduced menstrual pain (for the ladies), it lowers blood sugar, and it treats cold symptoms. It’s crazy how a little tea can benefit you so much. For anxiety though, it is one of my favorite go tos!


I am not a yogi…. I have never been one nor do I consider myself one. With that being said though, a vivid flow yoga class has always helped me slow down and recenter myself. Yoga challenges you to focus solely on your breathing and the movements you are making. This automatically takes your mind off of what you are stressing about and lets your body calm down. I am not telling you to go be zen and hippie ( unless that’s your thing), but there are classes out there that you can yoga to Beyonce or Outcast … go find one of those and center yourself!

Make Time for Yourself

College is busy, and making time for yourself is really hard. When you are constantly surrounded by people it gets difficult to get those few minutes to yourself. The best thing I have ever done is pick one day out of the week where I know my roommate will not be home and chill by myself for a few hours. Me time is important, and making sure you have that time to yourself will help so much.

Download Skoller

You knew this one was coming… but for real, this is the whole point of the app. We created Skoller so that you, yes you, could stress less. Downloading Skoller will help you keep up with all of your classes, which for me, keeping up with school is one of my biggest triggers for my anxiety. Give all of the above a try when your anxiety spikes, and remember you are young and have a whole life ahead of you so don’t sweat the small stuff.

Lexie McCartySkoller LLC