5 Things to do your First Week of College

1. Try out all of the dining options!

It’s no fun to eat the same exact thing from the Caf everyday.  Go find all the food that your campus has to offer at the beginning of Freshman year so that you don’t realize a few years later that your campus has had a Chickfila all this time…


2. Figure Out How to do Laundry….

Where is the nearest laundry facility? Is it free or do you need some quarters? How often do you need to do laundry?  All great questions, and the sooner you know the answers, the better! Nobody loves doing laundry, but we all have to at some point.  *Pro tip* the more underwear you buy, the less often you have to do laundry.


3. Find a Syllabus Party to Attend

The first week of classes, better known as syllabus week, is always one for the books.  Freshman finally have the freedom to stay out as late as they want, and Upperclassmen are seeing their friends for the first time in 3 months.  Needless to say, there are going to be some ragers. Keep your ear to the ground to figure out where to go, and make a stop at a few! It’s a great way to meet people outside of the awkward ice-breakers and group projects.


4. Actually go to Every Class

This one SHOULD go without saying, but it is so important to be present at all of your classes - especially in the first week!  Some college classes take roll, and some don’t care if you show up, but you (and your parents) are shelling out a LOT of money for you to have a seat in that room, so don’t waste it! It is so easy to get behind, so go to every class you possibly can.


5. Download and Share Skoller….. Duh!!

Hello??? Do you want to succeed or not? Like we said before, it is important to go to class, but sometimes things happen and you get sick or there is an emergency.  When you have Skoller, that won’t slow you down because you are always up to date, and you’re connected with your classmates so they can let you know what you missed! But, for them to be able to do that, they have to be using Skoller as well.  So hit that share button and make sure all of your classmates are kicking butt with Skoller!!