Is skoller available for all students?

Yes! Skoller is available nationally for all students with a United States cell phone number.

Do I have to input my information into the app?

Nope! Skoller is fueled by a syllabus. Students simply login to our website and send us each class syllabus. Skoller’s team of humans and robots will grab the important information from each syllabus and put it in the app within 24 hours. Don’t want to wait? Any student can choose to set up their classes using DIY tools on the mobile app in minutes.

Once the information is processed, your classmates simply join their classes on Skoller to find everything already organized for them!

Can I use Skoller to cheat?

Skoller strongly discourages cheating. Skoller seeks to connect classmates to foster collaboration and community. If you see inappropriate use of Skoller, lets us know at

Do I have to input my own grades?

Yes. This allows you to input your grades into a pre-weighted calculator that will generate your exact average in the class. With Skoller, you don’t have to wait on your professor to use Blackboard/Canvas to see where you stand in your classes.


How much does it cost

Nothing! Skoller is completely free.

How is Skoller different from Blackboard/Canvas/Moodle etc.?

Skoller is a student-driven platform to help you manage your classes in the simplest and most reliable way. It is not connected with your professor or university and cannot be used for assignment submission.

Can my professor use Skoller?

Technically, yes. Anyone can create an account, create a class, and set up a class. However, Skoller is designed to help students Keep Up with Classes, Together; without forcing the professor to babysit their students.

Is Skoller provided by my university?

No. Skoller is independent of Universities. The app is made by and for students.

If one of my classmates updates his/her schedule, does mine automatically update too?

No. When a student adjusts a due date or creates a new assignment, classmates get a notification with the option to copy or dismiss the change.

However, Skoller keeps score of how many students have accepted or declined a schedule change. When the score reaches a critical threshold, we auto-update the schedule for students who have not yet responded to the change.