Skoller Study Playlist w/ James Richard Music

The classic song study guide for when you need to get your study on in style…

When studying excess amounts of finance, laboring entrepreneurship projects or completing 4,000-word essays (no I’m not exaggerating) I always find myself trekking through these tasks with different types of music depending on what it is I am working on. There are all these Spotify playlists that are supposed to be for studying, but do they really work? Are they really helping you get you the most progress while working or are they distracting you? While everyone has different tastes, I would make a case that no one listens to MO BAMBA while trying to complete calculus homework, or no one listens to Bodak Yellow while processing Hemmingway. Let the Skoller study playlist guide your braincells to enlightenment.

When working on math or finance I tend to stick to my chiller listens. If it’s something where I really need to concentrate, I will make sure the music doesn’t have any words so I can really focus on the exact procedures. But if I am mindlessly putting in formulas to excel, finding the exact distance between lines or running business projections I will keep it with some basic chill sounds to not get me so worked up. Songs like Awake by Tycho, Looped by Kiasmos, or depending on the mood some Odesza and All the same by Nick Wilson.

If I am in the process of reading the music may need to fit what I am reading. If the class is calling me to really analyze the text and understand numbers and words I have to go back to my chilling more background music. If the text just needs to be read or if I am in the process of writing something for one of my classes I like to stick with more upbeat fun indie, pop and rap music to help my chug along. Some of my personal favorites are anything Foster the People, If You’re Reading this its Too Late album by Drake, SZA, and some Sir Sly.

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James Richard

Here’s the link to James’ sick playlist:

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