7 Qualities that make the BEST Roommate

Moving into a dorm and sharing a room can be a major adjustment for most college freshmen.  Everyone thinks that they are laid back and easy to live with, but are you really? We have come up with the 7 most important qualities of being a good roommate that you can compare with your own habits to determine if you’ve been a blessing or curse to your roomie.

  1. Don’t judge.

This can pertain to your roommate’s food choices, style, willingness to skip class, social life, and pretty much anything else.  Look, sometimes the freedom and distance that going to college gives you makes you go a little crazy. If your roomie wants to stay out until 3am on weeknights, or if they stay in the room and watch netflix instead of hitting the frat parties with you, that is their decision to make!! Don’t judge them for wanting to have a good time or for passing on the party scene.  Whether they fill the fridge with vegetables or go to Taco Bell twice a day, just let them do their thing!

     2. Communication

This one is obvious… Communication is ~key~ in every relationship you have, especially in one as close as roommate!  If you don’t know what each other’s expectations are, you are always going to be disappointed. Do you want your roomie to wear headphones when they are facetiming with friends?  Does it bother you when they keep their desk lamp on until the middle of the night? Are you cool with their significant other coming over all the time? These are things you have to discuss together!  Make sure you know what each other want and expect.

    3. Respect

Respect is soooooo important when you are living with someone.  You need to respect each other, each other’s things, and each other’s privacy.  If they are cool with sharing some of their clothes with you, but not certain items….  Don’t question that, just respect it. And when you do borrow things with permission, ummmm be respectful and return them in the same condition as when you got them!

    4. Cleanliness

Not everybody is a clean freak and cares about rooms being spotless, but no one wants to live in a dumpster… Make sure you two are on the same page when it comes to how clean you want the room, how frequently different chores need to happen, and who is doing the chores.  This is something that can cause a lot of frustration if it is not maintained and given proper attention, so you should talk about it sooner rather than later!

    5.  Bedtimes

This one sounds dumb, but it is honestly more important than you would think… Having compatible sleeping hours makes such a difference in your quality of life.  If you are a morning person and can never get to sleep at a reasonable time because your roommate stays up late and makes noise or keeps lights on, you will never be fully rested, and that will take a toll on your energy and ability to perform in class. Same goes for the other way around! If you like to stay up late but your roommate wakes you up so early everyday when they get ready, you’ll never get enough sleep.  Obviously this isn’t something you can necessarily change about yourself or your roommie, but it is something to keep in mind when choosing roommates in the future!

    6. Trust

You don’t  really get a whole lot of time to get to know your college roommate before moving in with them.  You have to jump right in and begin living with this brand new person, and that requires a lot of trust.  It is important to not question every little thing that your roommate is doing, and just believe that they are going to do what they say they will do (i.e. make sure they lock the door behind them, take out the trash, call maintenance about that weird sound the shower is making…) Sure, there might be times that trust can get the best of you and your roommate lets you down, but there will also be times that they surprise you with how awesome they are! But none of that will happen if you don’t have trust.

    7. Willingness to order pizza 3+ times a week

Arguably the most important quality for any roommate I have ever had.  

Lexie McCartySkoller LLC