Investing while you're young might be the NBT...

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Okay soooo you’ve seen our posts on social media about our newly launched campaign with SeedInvest and you’re like ???

Cool? Why are you clogging up my timelines with something I don’t care about or understand?

This blog post is for you. You should care and you should consider investing… WHY?

Here’s your comprehensive guide:

Let’s start with the basics, some sick vocab lessons.

Investment: the action or process of investing money for profit or material result

Equity Crowdfunding: the online offering of private company securities to a group of people for investment and therefore it is a part of the capital markets. Because equity crowdfunding involves investment into a commercial enterprise, it is often subject to securities and financial regulation

Now that you’re #educated… let’s put things into perspective.

What does equity crowdfunding look like?

Think of equity crowdfunding in terms of a site that you have heard of more frequently but as similar to SeedInvest’s platform: GoFundMe. So on GoFundMe for instance, people gather together to support a common cause. That’s what we are doing for Skoller! We are basically putting Skoller on Shark Tank and getting investors involved in our fundraising cause! Anyone can invest through SeedInvest starting as low as $1,000 with the benefit of seeing 10 times the return!

Why did we choose this method of fundraising?

We chose this method of fundraising because it allows our users to own a piece of Skoller and participate in it’s growth, alongside the investor with larger capital! Our users, the students, are what power Skoller and they ALWAYS come first. By choosing this investment platform we are putting the power in the students hands just like our app does! The students are the future and Skoller is the future for students so they go hand in hand. Also the entire reason for this campaign and fundraising round is to make Skoller better for YOU. We have tons of awesome features and updates in the works for students to have an enhanced experience so when you invest in Skoller you are investing in yourself too!

Why did we choose SeedInvest?

There are a lot of equity crowdfunding sites out there, but SeedInvest has one of the highest returns. Only ~1% of companies are accepted onto SeedInvest and they have a 75% success rate in getting people funded! SeedInvest seemed like the most logical and beneficial platform for us and our users. It just makes sense to partner with a company who believes in our success as much as we believe in the success of every single student who utilizes Skoller!

For 1st time investors…how can I feel comfortable investing?

So you might be intrigued but you’re still not totally convinced… it makes perfect sense. $1,000 is a LOT of money for a student who is probably still relying on their parents or other authority figure in their life to get them through school!

I, myself, just graduated from college a mere 3 weeks ago. I’m over here looking at my bank account like YIKES… however, investing is an EXCELLENT way to prepare yourself for the future and the future is BRIGHT when you are smart about investing and preparing for those next steps post school!

As I mentioned earlier, by investing now there is a possibility of getting 10 times the return in 3 to 5 years of whatever you invest. Whether is that $1k turning into $10k down the road or even higher, that return will be extremely beneficial in saving for your future, having some swag extra spending cash if you want to buy a sick ride post grad or can go toward your next investment!

Getting that return will take time. In a world like today where instant gratification might seem the most satisfying, it is not always the best case scenario. You have to wait for the future. Waiting for the dream internship you applied for, waiting to get through another semester and waiting to grow up and build a family one day all go hand and hand.

Take these things into consideration and go and check out our campaign on SeedInvest HERE:

If you have any questions please post them on our community board on our SeedInvest campaign!

Think about the future before it sneaks up on you! And as always let’s continue to keep up with classes and life, together.


Lexie @ Skoller





Lexie McCarty