The Leftovers of your Life

Time to toss out all of those things in your life that are past the “sell by” date…

No matter what year you are in College, there are always things in your past that you need to let go of… and what a better time of the year than Thanksgiving. Be thankful for your past, but throw those leftovers of your life OUT.

Those pictures of your High School Ex on Instagram

You’re moving up and on with your life, so just delete them… Your instagram is supposed to be a landing page of your current life, not your past. Hit that little archive button and leave your ex in the past. Your instagram shows your interests and your current relationships to any passerby, and when those photos are still live, the passerby is left to believe that you are still in that relationship. Leaving them on your feed may represent your feelings of not wanting to let go or move on, but by deleting, it can help you move on.

Those High-school era clothes you can’t bare to throw away

College is the best time in your life to reinvent yourself. As humans, we tend to hold on to objects and things because they remind us of the past we don’t want to let go of. The best thing in this situation is to look at your clothes and think “Does this piece of clothing make me happy?,” and if it doesn’t, toss it. I know, old clothes can bring up a lot of emotions, but the best thing to do is rip off that bandaid and let the clothes go. You’ll forget you even had them in three weeks.

The actual leftovers in your mini fridge

Mom and Dad are definitely going to send you back to school with some leftovers, but let’s be honest with ourselves… they are going to sit in that mini fridge for days. The issue with this is you are living in a dorm and that mini fridge will make your entire room smell. Be a good roommate and throw out all the old food. No one wants to be that dorm room that smells like old turkey.

Your stupid email from middle school

Everyone has a stupid email address they made then they were kids, but there comes a time to let go. Be honest, you have one and you still use it. It’s time, my friends, to have a grown up email address. You are in college now, and soon you will start emailing with potential employers. They do not want to receive an email from gotitans123@hotmail. So do yourself a favor and go ahead and make your grown up email address.

Your old fashioned planner

You are in college now, and you have grown up in the technological age. Dump your paper planner and download Skoller. Let’s be real here, you would much rather have everything in one place on your phone than lug around a heavy paper planner all the time. Skoller does all the heavy lifting for you by organizing all of your classes in one place and connecting you with your peers. This is the planner you always dreamed of having in high school.

Dorm, LifeLexie McCarty