Best Study Tips

Getting back into the swing of things after Spring Break is tough. There’s only about a month left until summer or maybe graduation and after that much-needed week off with all your closest friends, the motivation is G O N E (we know, we’ve been there too).

  • Plan a specific time to study (in my experience, it works best if you start before 10pm)

  • Have a go-to study spot on campus where you can focus

    • Actually, have a few good spots in case one is packed or you just can’t get focused

  • Use Skoller to see what’s due and prioritize your time

    • If you’re a list person, we’re gonna get along well - Skoller keeps track of all the assignments you have to do, and there’s a calendar to help you with everything. You don’t even need a planner.

  • Put on your best productivity playlist

    • Our intern, James, recommends different genres depending on the subject you’re studying so be sure to check out his blog post.

  • Get Cracking - You’re gonna crush these next few weeks!

ClassHannah Hawkins