Intern Spotlight

Hi everyone!

My name is Anne McCall Stansberry and I am a Communications Intern here at Skoller! I am so excited to have the opportunity this semester to work with the amazing team at Skoller and to see the incredible growth that the app is experiencing!

A little bit about me…

I am a senior (BIG YIKES) this year at Belmont University with a major in Social Work and a minor in Communication Studies. I am passionate about social justice and love my communications minor! Paired together, I feel that this major and minor provide me with two different perspectives on how the world operates and it is incredible to see the two merge together. In addition to working with Skoller, I am also a hospice care intern and am loving working with the incredible patients I get to see on a daily basis. With the ‘real world’ staring me right in the face, you might be wondering what I plan to do with Social Work and Communications.

Following my completion of undergraduate school, I hope to pursue my master’s degree in Social Work with an emphasis in interpersonal practice. From there, I will seek out my licensure to become a clinical social worker, which will allow me the freedom and fluidity to work in various settings. I have also dreamed of operating a social enterprise one day—I am definitely taking these dreams day by day and feel so lucky to attend a university that challenges me to dream bigger each day!

Now, a little bit about college life at Belmont…

I knew that when I toured Belmont over four years ago (again, BIG YIKES) that is was unlike any other college campus that I had experienced! I was stunned by the beautiful campus and the endless possibilities that Nashville seemed to offer. Though I originally came to Belmont for music, I feel that I have found my life’s calling and could not be more thankful for that.

College life at Belmont is unique in many ways, but I was incredibly drawn to the close-knit community that the university offers. From Greek Life, intramural clubs, student organizations and countless service opportunities, I can truly say that my experience has been well-rounded. I came to college hoping to find the kind of friends and community that would be with me through life—and I can absolutely say that I have.

Lexie McCarty